Friday, February 26, 2010

Magic Elevator to Thin

Magic Elevator to Thin

Over the next seven days you can ride the elevator down to the next floor. You can either stay in the elevator waiting for something to happen, or press the down button to descend. Imagine the lobby is your goal weight. It is a beautiful place to be, and once you have landed at your goal you are free to leave the elevator. If the scale starts to go back up, just return to the elevator and start your descent again.

How long will it take? Less time than it took for you to get to whatever floor you are on. How many pounds do you want to lose? One pound per floor... how many floors? Each floor takes seven days to descend going at a speed of minus 500 calories per day. Burn 200 of those calories with exercise. Thirty minutes of walking a day, broken into 3 ten minute walks can do this. Eat 300 calories less a day. Less than what? Less than you are currently eating. To make this work it would be really helpful if you knew what you were eating. If only there was a way you could know what you are eating... oh wait, you can. Great!

Since you are able to be aware and to observe what you are eating every day this isn't an impossible task. If you hate counting calories like I do, then shift to eating lower calorie foods like fruit and vegetables.

I am your elevator companion on this journey down to your goal weight. The music in the elevator is exactly what you want to hear, and I am with you the whole time.

Maintaining a healthy weight is easier than maintaining an unhealthy weight.

Every bite is a choice. I'd like you to start now by focusing on getting more pleasure out of every morsel you eat.

Deprivation isn't going to get you to the ground floor. What you need is love and support, security, safety and abundant motivation. By setting your intention to see the scale go down and following the easy suggestions that make the most sense to you - you will achieve your goal.

If you don't know exactly what floor you are on - and you know you are up too high, then step inside and press the down button. The elevator door is open, step inside.

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