Sunday, February 28, 2010


You are in the elevator. You have pressed the down button. You are going to buy apples, bananas, carrots, grapes, celery and your favorite fruit and veggies to replace any of the vending machine "good choices".

Oh! and for those of you who are picking your favorite food, check in with yourself. If there something you love even more than that Snicker's bar? If so, go buy a portion of that more desirable delight. I'd rather have a See's chocolate chip truffle than a Snicker's bar. If Snicker's bars are your ultimate favorite treat and you want to eat one every day? Well, add an apple to it. Before you eat whatever favorite treat you have selected; imagine the treat has been sitting out over night. Or it was dropped in some sand and you had to take it to the sink to rinse it off with some water.

Most confections don't look so good after they have sat in the water a few minutes. Was it a Snicker's Bar that cleared the pool when someone saw it floating in the water in "Caddy shack" and mistook it for poop. After an hour in water, an apple still looks lovely. If that image helps you enjoy real food more and helps add a little distance from that "treat". That treat is after all keeping you at your unhealthy undesired weight. Why not meditate on that a bit? Flip back and forth between thinking "Aahhh" for the piece of fruit and "Eeew/yucky" from the packaged treat.

It's not that I don't want you to get incredible joy out of whatever you are eating, I do.

I want the elevator to start to descend smoothly and rapidly. I want you to feel like you are in 100% control and are treating yourself like royalty. I can't imagine someone royal eating out of a vending machine. Find the best you can afford and treat yourself. In the interim, have a piece of fruit 100% guilt free. Imagine you are feeding your soul Your spirit is saying "yes", your body is in heaven. Your body knows exactly what the components are. There is no red dye to navigate, no unpronounceable chemicals. Just real wonderful food. The kind of delight that is good for you on every level.

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