Saturday, November 20, 2010

Focus on Food

The last two weeks I have been focused on the "you are what you eat" part of the weight loss equation.

For breakfast Monday through Friday I am drinking an Odwalla Super Food. The green one that looks like it won't taste very good, but it does.

For lunch, I am eating Amy's Organic soups, any of the following varieties: Black Bean Soup, Low Fat Minestrone, Low Fat Split Pea, Butternut Squash, and a Veggie Lentil soup. The whole can is 2 servings, these varieties are less than 350 calories for the whole can.

For dinner, I eat whatever my wonderful husband has dreamed up. Last night was a large green salad with carrots, about 6 oz of beef, mashed potatoes, and this beyond amazing onion sauce that was like a more intense version of onion soup. Yum!

My body is responding well to this eating plan. After two weeks I am seeing a difference. The last time I stepped on a scale was last weekend, and I had lost 5 pounds. It is cheap, easy, and satisfying. And some day soon, I will get sick of it. I won't be able to reach for the bottle of Odwalla without feeling some inner - "ugh". At that point -- I will need to find something else that is under 300 calories for breakfast that will give me lots of good nutrients in an easy to consume package. Maybe in the form of an apple and some spinach with hummus. But for now, I'm enjoying my simple Super Food Breakfast and Soup Lunch and I'm enjoying this honeymoon phase.

Next week, I will probably add a few quick sessions at the gym doing the Cerqua style ONE Rep. Where one bicep curl done in super slow motion could take 90 seconds from start to finish, and get deeper into the muscle than 30 reps at a normal pace.


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