Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jump Start! with 90 Second Fitness

I haven't been exercising since I canceled my gym membership and moved back to Alameda.
I've had some 3 to 4 mile walks, some hikes, a few sit ups... but generally since I've shortened my commute I've just been pouring extra hours into work and then hanging out with my family in a semi-vegetative state.

But that has changed.

Today, I woke up with that renewed sense of urgency to start building a strong leaner body. I grabbed a few books off the shelf for inspiration, and found Pete Cerqua's 90 Second Fitness as the perfect method of doing something to better my body.

90 Second Fitness Challenge #1 - the 90 second Wall Sit. I was able to go the full 90 seconds, so then I proceeded to 90 Second Fitness Challenge #2 - the 90 second Plank. That means I am still at least fit enough for Level 2, so I feel good that a lot of the work I have put into shaping up over the past 6 years is retained.

One thing I think is great about this simple 3 minutes of exercise is the way you then get drawn into wanting to do more.

Set a goal that is easy enough to accomplish, and then get this burst of energy and adrenaline that pushes you to want to do more.

If you haven't read about Pete Cerqua's plan -- check out his website at


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