Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Leaf

I like beginnings. I enjoy getting ideas and coming up with plans. Coming up with the plan is often more rewarding than actually executing it. Powered by my superior visualization skills I can see the end result of my ideas. This ability to visualize can be a powerful motivator, but visualizing myself leaner and healthier isn't going to make it so. Actually doing more of the things that I already know I should be doing can seem overwhelmingly boring. A life long quest for health and fitness requires continuing to note the disconnects between the plan, and reality and re-inventing ways to motivate myself into action.

I've been lingering in this place of wanting to do something without really getting into the follow through. A few days here and there on this plan, and then all the vices seem even more appealing, less and less good choices, and then another round of battle.

Discipline Endurance Strength

Daily Routine
The biggest changes don't happen over night - they are made up of the tiny choices we make moment to moment. Trading my pastry for breakfast habit with a better choice, actually eating the lunch I bring to work (instead of getting a higher calorie more tempting alternative) eating at meal times and finding other comforts in the evening instead of a night full of tiny snacks. Focusing on setting a good example for my children. Focusing on how I feel before during and after my action. I woke up at 4am feeling like there is not enough time in the day to fit in a daily walk. So I put on Leslie Sansone and walked a mile.

So many good things to choose, but walking at least a mile a day is an easy enough commitment. Once you go one mile, it is easy to go another, and another. It's getting up and doing it that can be the biggest challenge. I know I'm up for the task.

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