Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sonoma Diet - Day Six

99% of the reason I picked up the Sonoma Diet book was to "get back on track"
Over the past few months, all kinds of exceptionally stressful things came my way. The biggest one by far being a death in my family. The scale started to creep up, and I really didn't care. At first.

Then, when the scale hit 160 and I was now back to the point of saying, "I've lost 95 lbs and kept it off", instead of my "I've lost over 100 pounds..." I crossed the line I had drawn in the sand.

I reached out for all kind of resources to get me back on track -- and I did them all to varying degrees of "perfection".

The past week on the Sonoma Diet has been awesome.

I love what I am eating for breakfast. I love how it sets me up to feel strong, sharp, alert for my morning.

Breakfast - 1 slice of dry whole grain toast, 1-2 scrambled egg(s) depending on how hungry I am -- every day this week. Yesterday Eric added 1/2 an avocado which was delicious.

I love what I am eating for lunch. I love how it sets me up to feel strong, sharp, alert for my afternoon.

Lunch -- mainly chicken breast (curried, grilled, roasted, and a la soup) skinless, with veggies (salad) and a little whole grain.

I love what I am eating for dinner. I love how it sets me up to feel strong, sharp, alert for my evening as I settle in to being home with my family and then allows me to relax let go, and get great sleep waking up feeling alert and excited about my day (and stepping on the scale and seeing a number that reflects my good choices).

Dinner (see lunch)

The biggest changes in what I am doing is 1) no alcohol. 2) no sugar 3) no white flour 4) no fruit 5) no eating after dinner.

For ten days. At the end of the ten days I can start adding red wine, and fruit. That sounds really enjoyable to me.

The scale was back down to 153 this morning. So I have officially lost over 100 pounds. Today begins Day Six of my eating plan and it is going to be that much easier and enjoyable to savor knowing it works and I can do it.


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