Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Temptation - Under the Microscope

Or, how I pulled a beer from the fridge, and then decided I'd prefer to have a glass of ice water with a little lemon.

Tonight I stepped into the kitchen to make my son Christopher a sandwich. I opened the fridge and there it was -- the last beer. Alaskan Amber one of my current favorites.

I pulled the beer from the fridge and set about making the sandwich. Then I started thinking about my plan to go to the gym tomorrow morning. The first ten minutes of my workout would burn off the calories from the beer -- but would I even feel like going?

I love going to the gym on mornings when I wake up before my alarm, get dressed in my gym clothes and head straight to the gym near my work. My gym clothes are neatly laid out for tomorrow.

I brought Christopher his sandwich and then returned to the kitchen. There next to the ice cold beer was a bowl of lemons, and I picked one up, remembering how refreshing the lime water I'd made earlier this week after reading One Body One Life again. I stuck the beer back in the fridge and filled my 5th anniversary water glass.

Then I started thinking about temptation. What is tempting about working against myself? Does having a beer sound more appealing to me than becoming my most fit and healthiest? Especially when I am so close to being where I want to be...

What if the temptation to be in great shape starts calling to me and in those moments where I am confronted with stuff I used to think of as treats, I just see it as detours to my goal and impediments to my happiness? The more I look at "treats" that way, the less appealing they would be. The less "tempted" I would be to do things that sabotage me. The easier it would be to make the last 10 pounds be the easiest and most enjoyable.

Looking at my near empty water glass, and getting ready to grab a refill.


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