Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Leaf Day 5 - and Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Induction

Five Days into this current experiment and so far it is a huge success!
My 2 mile walk to Subway for a repeat of yesterday's sandwich was great.

Took the night off from exercise, just some reps with 10 lb weights for fun, and a handful of lunges.

Now, waiting for my iPod to load so I can listen to Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Induction
"Do not listen to this eyes closed process whilst driving or operating machinery..."

I like almost all of what he has to say about weight loss and the suggestions are good to hear over and over. I've been listening to it once or twice a day lately and my "desire to succeed" does seem strengthened. And yes, I can't help but feel insanely embarrassed to put any of this in writing. But at the end of the day, it's usually the stuff that is real that you'd rather gloss over that can really help someone. Since my goal for writing and sharing these thoughts is to try to turn on some lights for people - to help see familiar things in new ways that will make it easy to accomplish their desires, then yes, I can't omit the "I Can Make You Thin" author and his CD. I don't think he can make you thin, or make you quit smoking, but he does have some good things to say -- and yes, it is cheesy! - but he does have this great British accent...

There is one section where he talks about emotional eating.

"So if your old habits ever try to lead you to eat unnecessary food you'll ask yourself, What do I really want? Because you can learn to take care of your emotional needs directly. Emotions are signals that we need to pay attention to, and as you pay attention they develop and teach you as you begin to experience more and more emotional equilibrium in your every day life you feel so at ease with yourself."
Paul McKenna

I think a lot of times we try to avoid feeling bad. We have figured out that food is a reliable way to feel better. It focuses our senses on something physical and real which is a perfect antidote to whatever thoughts may be looping around in our heads/hearts. Finding other sense based activities to focus on, or using our imagination to call on a time when we felt great can be a useful skill to develop.

Pleasant Dreams,

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