Monday, March 29, 2010

Dare to Change Your Truth


True or false?
If believing the following statements are all true would mean you could easily achieve your weight loss goal, would you be willing to circle all of them as true?
Would the act of physically drawing a circle around the word TRUE start to make a connection in your brain about your desire and the actual things you would need to do to attain your desire?
Do thin people live their life as if most of these things are true?

1) I enjoy eating small healthy meals. TRUE
2) Eating fast food daily is not healthy or good for me TRUE
3) I weigh what I weigh because of what I eat TRUE
4) By changing the amount of food I eat, I can change the amount that I weigh TRUE
5) I can switch to using a smaller plate when I eat dinner and easily start to lose weight (or fill my plate with lots of vegetables) TRUE
6) My mind is easily satisfied into thinking I am eating enough food if my plate does not look empty TRUE
7) I can put one scoop of ice cream into a 1/2 cup sized bowl and it will seem like three times as much as in a 2 cup bowl TRUE
8) If I am stressed out and wanting something to eat for comfort, eating an apple or a banana would be a great way to calm me down TRUE
9) If I am feeling stressed out and I notice I am not hungry, I could instead choose to take a quick walk TRUE
10) I love the way that real home made food tastes TRUE
11) If I am ordering food that comes in Small, Medium, Large, choosing a smaller portion size will be smarter and make me thinner TRUE
12) I am losing weight by eating less processed food and more real food TRUE
13) I am feeling lighter and happier TRUE
14) I am feeling more calm and relaxed around food TRUE
15) It is easier and easier for me to skip eating "free food" in the office TRUE
16) I fill my shopping cart with fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grain TRUE
17) When grocery shopping to lose weight I can easily choose to skip buying packaged / boxed food that is high in sugar and fat TRUE
18) I can eat anything and lose weight TRUE
19) What I eat isn't as crucial to what I weigh as How much I eat is TRUE
20) Switching out one of the sodas or "other beverages" I drink and replacing it with water is helping me lose weight TRUE
21) I am feeling better and better about my ability to lose weight enjoyably and easily TRUE
22) If someone gives me a box of chocolates, I can first evaluate if they are my favorite TRUE
23) If there are chocolates in the box that I don't enjoy, I can toss those as a gift to myself TRUE
24) If the box of chocolates aren't my favorite kind -- the ones I would rank highest on my list of best quality most delicious, I can toss them and easily lose weight TRUE
25) I could plan to replace the non-favorite chocolates eventually with one piece of my favorite treat and that would be a smart easy way to avoid eating 3,500 calories TRUE

Sorry, I was on a bit of a chocolate kick here...

26) A pound box of chocolates is too much to eat in one sitting without feeling sick TRUE
27) I can see myself at a slimmer weight TRUE
28) I can imagine my clothes feeling looser and baggier on me every day TRUE
29) My actions are directly connected to my feelings and beliefs TRUE
30) I am able to lose weight by changing what I am eating TRUE
31) By eating oatmeal for breakfast I can satisfy my hunger for at least three hours TRUE
32) Oatmeal is a better choice for breakfast than a pastry, donut, or bagel TRUE
33) I want to make better choices to easily lose weight TRUE
34) At lunch time, I am focused on eating something that tastes good and is satisfying TRUE
35) By bringing my lunch to work with me, I am able to lose weight and save money TRUE
36) As my waist line slims, my savings account grows TRUE
37) I am feeling happy and loved TRUE
38) Thin people do not always clean their plate TRUE
39) If a thin person were to eat what I eat on a daily basis they would weigh what I weigh TRUE
40) I am able to eat less food and feel more satisfied when I take time to savor every bite TRUE

These are some of the things that I have begun to think on a daily basis that have helped me lose a total of 105 pounds and counting.

By intentionally thinking these and other positive thoughts I am training my brain to think like a thinner person.

My actions are in accordance with my beliefs. If I see that my actions are not helping me achieve the results that I say I want to achieve, then I have a hidden motive at work.

My actions are the physical representation of what I really believe.

By embracing this as true, I can use that as a way to see that I believe something at a deeper level of my mind than I previously wanted to admit.

If I say losing weight is easy and effortless, and then I stand at the pastry case in the morning battling in my mind between a good choice (skipping the pastry) and a not so good choice (getting the chocolate croissant) then I am saying I believe weight loss is a struggle and I need to battle to make good choices. I am able to either tell myself it is easy to make a good choice (skip the pastry) or tell myself that I don't believe it is easy and effortless to lose weight.

What I gain by believing it is easy to lose weight is I lose weight and it is easy. I am achieving my goal. I am in control and I feel good about the direction I am moving in.

What would I gain by thinking weight loss is hard and painful? I may feel better about not having achieved my "goal". But to be really honest, my "goal" to lose weight painfully and with lots of effort wouldn't be a great choice to make.

I don't like doing things that are difficult and painful. My whole being cries out to make my life easier and more enjoyable. If I were to stand at a cross road and one path was black and in the distance I could see everything was blackened by fire and there were shells of burned out cars and people were in pain, and the other path was sandy and sunny and in the distance I could see rainbows and a beautiful garden -- why on earth would I chose the living hell? When we tell ourselves that losing weight is painful and difficult, that is exactly the choice we are setting up in our mind.

We may gather a few images of some healthy foods that are so healthy they don't even seem edible and put them on a scale across from a gorgeous image of what ever junk food we love to eat. If I were to ask, which would you prefer-- a bowl of cold oatmeal or a chocolate croissant fresh from the oven. Prefer? Is it even a question -- you go for the croissant.

But if I were to ask you, which would you prefer -- achieving your goal weight or getting fatter and fatter. Again, is it even a question -- you'd prefer to achieve your goal weight.

So when you are faced with a warm bowl of delicious oatmeal or a dry day old chocolate croissant that someone put their fingers on after having wiped their nose before they went home sick with the flu -- which one would you prefer -- one bowl of yummy oatmeal please.

So what story do you want to tell yourself in that moment of battle to be able to achieve your bigger longer term goal?

Both these techniques can be helpful tool to you:
Change the question to help change your mind.
Change your answer to help change your mind.

By changing your mind you can lose weight easily and effortlessly.

1) I do not have to struggle TRUE
2) I can make good healthy choices TRUE
3) I don't need to buy a nutritional guide and weigh food to lose weight TRUE
4) My body is more complex than science has figured out TRUE
5) I am drawn to healthier foods TRUE
6) I stopped eating fast food because it is gross TRUE
7) I can make better and better choices TRUE
8) I love my ability to change my mind TRUE
9) Seeing things in a new light can make my life easier TRUE

What are some things you'd like to believe?

1) I am cutting back on spending, and my bank account is getting larger and larger TRUE
2) I am making better choices TRUE
3) Work is getting easier and more enjoyable TRUE
4) I find it easy to accomplish my goals TRUE
5) Parking spaces are waiting for me exactly where I want to park TRUE
6) I make someone happy every day TRUE
7) I am loved by my friends and family TRUE
8) I am happy and healthy TRUE
9) I am easily able to get eight hours of nourishing sleep at night TRUE
10) I feel lighter and better when I eat the right amount of food TRUE
11) If I feel full several hours after eating, that is my clue that I ate too much and I will choose to eat less at my next meal so I can feel better TRUE

What are some things you'd like to believe?

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