Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How I am going go be thinner next week

I am going to become my best friend. I am going to grab the magic remote control, and learn how to harness the amazing power of my brain to achieve my goals.

1st - I am going to define my dream goal. I am going to raise the bar on what it is I want. The clearer I make this picture, the sooner I will be able to achieve my goal.
2nd - I am going to make my best plan
3rd - I am going to try my best to follow my plan
4th - I am going to fail.

Yes, no matter how brilliant my plan is, no matter how well defined my goal, something is going to happen to get in my way. That is inevitable. That is why I'm not already where I want to be.

But that is ok -- because I have another chance to redefine my goal and revise my plan.

Simple Truth
If my success outnumber my failures, I will reach my goal.
The more my success outweighs my failures, the faster I will reach my goal.

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