Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make Sure Your Favorite Foods are Part of Your Daily Routine

If you have the right tools, it is a simple thing to start a fire. To keep the fire burning over the course of many hours, days, weeks and years takes planning and focus.

Weight loss is like that. The decision to lose weight is as simple as striking a match. First, you have to have the match and something to strike it against. Your desire to change is the match and you don't need to go find one, you have it within you now the thing to strike it against is your action. Your intention to eat a little less and move a little more. To keep the fire burning you need to have something to burn. To keep losing weight, you need to make better choices, every day.

If weight loss were that simple, then why aren't we all skinny? Because, deep down, no matter how much we swear that is what we want most -- it isn't. We make other choices, usually sugary salty buttery sweeter choices moment by moment. And when push comes to shove, sometimes sitting on the couch just seems so much more pleasant than getting up and going for a walk.

These series of choices that we make are really minor choices. I mean we aren't overweight because we ate one chocolate truffle. But that one truffle, coupled with all the other sugary, salty, buttery treats is exactly why we are overweight.

No weight loss book on the planet can tell you exactly what to eat to lose weight and will magically work for everyone. Everyone ends up writing their own book. All of us have different foods that we are currently eating, and there are foods that we love that we can't live without, and other foods we'd rather not eat if given any possible alternative.

To be able to sustain weight loss over a long period of time, unless you really want to be miserable, I think the very best thing you can do is come up with your list of favorite foods and make sure they are part of your daily routine. Now if you keep eating exactly as you are now -- you aren't going to lose weight, so you will need to start treating these delicious favorites as the garnish instead of the entree.

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