Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 4 - Day 4 of 6 - 60 minutes of cardio and Weights

Wednesday 30 minutes of Stair Mill Fat Burning Mode Level 10.
Followed by 30 minutes of 15% incline on treadmill with four or five 60 second bursts of running at 5.0 mph

Lateral Pull downs 3x10 descending 65,60,55 lbs
Cable Rows 3x10 descending 70,55,40 lbs
Leg Press 3x10 at 140lbs for all three sets

Debbie Reynold's leg lifts x 100 each side. Hearing the Doing it Debbie's Way big band soundtrack in my head the whole time. That is the biggest reason I am tempted to replace my broken VCR. I doubt it's out on DVD.

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