Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 5 - Day 2 of 6 Treadmill - 45 minutes of Cardio + High Rep Weights

Today I hit a wall (in my mind)

5 minutes of treadmill at 3 mph, then Day 2 Of Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor Fitness
I did:
50 Dumbbell Single Arm Rows - with 5 pound weights -- too light
50 Stiff Legged Dumbell Deadlifts with 10 pound weights -- also too light
50 Dumbbell Single Arm Row - with 10 pound weights -- a little too light, but better
50 Stiff Legged Dumbell Deadlifts with 20 pound weights -- because of all the reps, this was ok
50 Dumbbell Lateral Flexion/Extensions with 20 pound weights -- I feel this one tonight in my abs

Then I fell apart over the cardio...
10 minutes on the Arc Trainer
10 minutes on the Elliptical
10 minutes on the Treadmill, at the calibration mechanism broke
10 minutes on the Bike and I was through - out of steam, nothing left to give

Some days are like that. So, I reserve the right to take tomorrow as a rest day, or if I wake up early and feel like going for it, I'll give it a shot.

I did eat Rolled Oats this morning, with about 12 cranberries and 8 walnuts with hot water steeped in a hot cup. It was very filling. I had a few small (10 almond) snacks at 11 and 4, and a great lunch - a garnish size serving of pork with lots of acorn squash and white beans for lunch and a acorn squash, spinach, sweet potato and pork dinner with a large green salad. My compliments to the chef! -- some how despite all that I did manage to find a cookie at lunch. Darn you temptation! But, I did enjoy every bite so there's that.

Hoping for a better tomorrow,

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