Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 3 - Recap 27.55 miles walked, 5,800 calories burned

I woke up before 5 this morning and headed to Emeryville. I got to the gym by 6:15 and got on the treadmill. I listened to the Prevention Advanced Interval for a warm up and then switched to Podrunner's Ziggurat. I walked for 99 minutes. I don't know at what point I fully committed to walking as long as the time on the machine would allow. When it gets to 99 minutes, it starts counting down and then shuts off and goes into workout recap mode. Of course, nothing was stopping me from re-starting -- but I was happy to get to that milestone.

Today wasn't my fastest, or steepest incline. I went for 30 minutes at 15% incline, then went down to 5% and then made a pattern on the display that was one step higher for every line. It's the kind of thing that my mind can really get distracted by -- which is what I was counting on to be able to keep going. Because I wasn't going super fast, I went over 6 miles.

This has been a big week -- to recap:
Saturday - 4 miles 800 calories burned
Sunday - 4.5 miles 1000 calories burned
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 5 miles 1000 calories burned
Wednesday - 4 miles 1000 calories burned
Thursday - 4 miles 1000 calories burned
Friday - 6 miles 1000 calories burned

Total for Week 3:
27.55 miles walked
5,800 calories burned

Seriously considering going to the gym tomorrow morning, if my legs will allow me to. If they are too tight and sore, I may just do something else. Sleep in, rest, or find a new activity... I am ready for Week 4 of the Treadmill Experiment whatever it may hold.


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