Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 5 - Day 5 of Treadmill - 45 minutes of Cardio + Weights

I warmed up 10% incline treadmill for 5 minutes, then upstairs to the free weights.

I started out with 10lb weights running through the chest/arms section of the Cindy Crawford "Next Challenge" DVD. I've done it so many times I could see it in my mind. At the cross over arm barrel presses 10lbs was too heavy, so I switched to 8lbs and ran through the whole thing from the top.

Then I did a few sets of 10 lb Tricep extensions.

I pressed 90lbs on the leg press machine x 3 sets of 10. Almost didn't make it through the last one, so I think I was just right on the intensity. (During the rest period I did bicep hammer curls).

Then, remembered a combo a personal trainer showed me of dead lift 25lb barbell then squat and stand lifting the 25lb weight over my head and then returning to deadlift x 10, then did another 10 with 30 lb weights then down stairs to the elliptical. I went 30 minutes, then finished up on the bike. It felt good. Ready to take tomorrow off. Friday is a rest day. Finish up Week 6 on Saturday.


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