Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 of 31

Today's Recap Friday January 7, 2011

Here is how today went:
1) Start every morning with a glass of water
Started with a glass of water.

2) Eat real food.
Does a bacon hamburger count as real food? Well, at least it wasn't fast food.
I did have an extra helping of spinach with dinner.

3) Do 25 sit ups every day.
I totally forgot to do these... did 30 and feel great.

4) Walk, move, step, march, dance etc for 20 minutes every day.
Walk DVD with Cait and Chris. They didn't get too rough, and I carried the 10lb weights. Good walk.

5) Eat 1 fruit every day.
Odwalla Superfood, from yesterday.

6) Eat 4 vegetables every day.
Celery, spinach x 3 servings.

7) Get at least seven of hours sleep every night.
Almost bedtime, super long day at work. Can't wait until year end close is done! I only had two waking hours with the kids before bedtime. Happy that isn't the norm.

1-07 Friday Daily Plan, Day 7 - achieved all goals.

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