Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Daily Practices for Health and Happiness

Listed below are seven basic practices that are good for you.
They are easy to do and they can add up to make a big difference in your life.
Our problems with weight usually stem from our not doing these simple things.

1) Start every morning with a glass of water.
2) Eat real food.
3) Do (pick a number) sit ups every day.
4) Walk, move, step, march, dance etc for (pick a number) of minutes every day.
5) Eat (pick a number) fruit(s) every day.
6) Eat (pick a number) vegetable(s) every day.
7) Get at least (pick a number) of hours sleep every night.

You could spend hours trying to find the perfect number of any of the above.
If you haven't been exercising on a regular basis and you think you could manage to do 1 without feeling too overwhelmed, start with that.

Pick a number greater than zero that you know you can successfully achieve, and start tracking it.
Your first 30 day challenge begins today.

Track your process daily.
What kind of a reward would you like at the end of the 30 days? I would love a massage at Sumbody in Alameda, CA. If I do the following for 30 days I will treat myself to a 60 minute massage.

Note: It is better to have 25 out of 30 days of success, than 5 perfect days and then quit. Consider that if you quit you have 25 days of failure. Don't fall for the "all or nothing" trap. It only keeps you from moving forward toward a healthier happier you.

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