Tuesday, January 4, 2011


1. Go pick your favorite glass from the cupboard, fill it with water, and drink at least one sip of it. The more beautiful the glass, the more you will enjoy this experience.

2. Grab a calendar or a piece of paper and be prepared to plot out the next 30 days. If you'd prefer to plot out the rest of the calendar month, that is fine too. It doesn't matter if you are part way into a month. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge isn't about following this for exactly 30 days. It is just a convenient way of thinking about more than a few weeks as part of a plan that has an end goal that will be achieved.

3. Stop and reflect for a moment. What is your current energy level at this moment? On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is "I can't lift a muscle" and 10 is "I can leap tall buildings in a single bound" what number are you at this moment.

4. Pick an activity that is in line with your current energy level.

1) Rest - close your eyes, unplug and unwind.
2) Stand
3) Step side to side
4) Lift your knee up and march slowly in place.
5) Walk around the room at a normal pace.
6) Walk a little faster.
7) Walk a little faster than that.
8) Lift a weight
9) Do 10 jumping jacks.
10) Run

What would happen at the end of the two minutes if you did this activity? If you were tired and you closed your eyes, maybe you're ready for a nap. Or, if you had a little energy, maybe you are feeling more awake and refreshed. Right now - instead of actually doing the activity - just imagine doing it. If you can't imagine doing it with a smile on your face pick something even easier.

5) For the next few minutes (pick an amount of time that sounds good to you - 1 minute, 20 minutes etc) do the activity above of your choice.

6) The next time you are hungry eat something you know is healthy. If you are feeling confused about what counts as healthy - let's start with just thinking about raw (unprocessed) fresh fruit or vegetable. If you aren't used to stocking these things in your house, then it is time to open a new chapter in your life. What is your favorite fruit or vegetable? Start with that and then add another.

7) You're done. Good job! Give yourself a gold star for the day and grab another sip of water.

Why Drink Water?
In Deepak Chopra's Perfect Weight I remember he described the image of drinking water like giving your internal organs a shower. That image of taking care of myself has helped me drink many glasses of water. I hadn't been a water drinker. I was a diet soda drinker for many years. Our bodies need water to help flush toxins from our bodies. Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do when it comes to improving your ability to lose weight and feel better.

Daily Fitness Challenge
The only one size fits all plan I could honestly recommend is one that is made just for you, by you.

Take a calendar or a blank piece of paper and plan out the entire month.

There are millions of ways you could lay out your plan. For me, for this first (31 day) challenge, I am already midway through Saturday. It is 4:28 pm but it isn't too late to start.

You could make a different plan for every day - if you like variety. You could do a plan for weekdays and a different one for weekends.

I like the idea of having the same plan every day with the structure loose enough that I have variety.

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