Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do Not Use - Authorization Required

This is the title of an adjustment type in an inventory management system that will remain nameless. The idea of the name was to try to get people not to use it; because it does the opposite of what they generally think it does - and there is very little need for it's use - but it couldn't be turned off or locked for free.

Each month people post hundreds of "Do Not Use" adjustments without authorization.

I wonder if we would have had better luck if we renamed it "Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts". If somehow this would cause the person to stop and think, "Maybe I shouldn't use this?"

That is how diet's work (or don't work). We label a lot of things "Do Not Use (eat) - Authorization Required" and then we figure, we're authorized - go ahead and eat it.

So instead of using this strategy of "Eat This / Don't Eat That" - what can you do?

I have been focused on making sure I am deliberately eating good things for a week now -- and it has been much more enjoyable than trying not to have a long list of items. If all I get out of this current "Fitness Challenge" experiment is 31 days of pleasure -- I may be on to something good.


  1. Vince ans I were discussing pain and how are brains are set up to forget it. Positive reward works much better on the human brain. The more positive the reward, the more likely we are to keep it up. - Julia

  2. holy typos! what a mess...must proof read comments