Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 4 of 31

Here is how today went:
1) Start every morning with a glass of water
This is getting to be a habit. I grabbed it before heading out the door. Score!

2) Eat real food.
I brought my lunch today, last night's dinner beets, potato, grilled onion, mushrooms in this broth with a little pork. Then, the same again for dinner - but with the welcome addition of collard greens (my favorite - they feel prehistoric and are delicious), it's hard to find a food that looks and tastes so good for you. Then, Eric added sliced cucumbers in an oil-free vinaigrette that he made with the celery/carrot juice and red wine vinegar. Superb.

3) Do 25 sit ups every day.
I did this prior to imbibing an evening cocktail. Job well done.

4) Walk, move, step, march, dance etc for 20 minutes every day.
Yes, once the white russian settles, I will cue up Leslie again for day three. Once again I am reminded that exercising with alcohol is a terrible idea. I avoided learning that lesson last night, by a narrow margin. I think it will be easy to commit to waiting to drink after I work out. Not a hard and fast rule, just a good idea that will be easy to follow.

5) Eat 1 fruit every day.
I know the lemon in the half lemon poppy seed muffin doesn't count. (I threw away the bottom part of the muffin before leaving the coffee shop); that trick saves me hundreds of calories weekly. I did end up having some apple before bed. Caitlin and Christopher joined in. Part of getting them to eat fruit and veggies is letting them see us do that too.

6) Eat 4 vegetables every day.
Collard greens, beets, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, cucumbers. And now, suddenly I have a craving for celery. Odd, but I don't argue.

7) Get at least seven of hours sleep every night.
I was in bed at 8:30 - I got extra sleep and that translated to a great morning with lots of energy.

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