Saturday, September 11, 2010

7% Body Fat - Treadmill - Shilelagh Law

Planning to get up tomorrow and head to gym for Day 3 of my current kick.

This one was inspired by listening to Rachel Gichert interviewed by nutritionist Keith Klein. Rachel spent 45 minutes talking through what she does to get into shape. She just earned her Pro Card taking 1st in her class at the 2010 USA Fitness Competition. Now, I know for sure I would never like to get down to 7% body fat -- yikes. There are pictures of her on the Beyond Diet website. That isn't my dream shape by any stretch of the imagination -- but she does know how to sculpt her body. Rachel answered all Keith's questions about through her exercise routine and it inspired me to re-think cardio.

Her cardio routine is 6.5 hours a week. Give or take a few hours. She doesn't run because she is trying not to build muscles in her quadriceps. That got my attention. She walks at 2 miles an hour for an hour 6 days a week. She also does 500 lunges in one day once a week to burn out her quadriceps so they won't grow. I highly recommend listening to her interview -- it's free on Itunes search podcast, Beyond Diet.

So Friday morning I got up and headed to the gym. I set the treadmill incline at 15 (which is the maximum) and then started out at a little over 2 miles an hour. I walked until I had burned 600 calories (just under an hour). I felt great all day.

Then, today, I got up and headed to the gym and did the same thing in a little less time by listening to some Shilelagh Law and my workout mix (Bob Dylan's Things Have Changed, White Stripes Little Room, Go Go's Get Up and Go, and Throwing Muses Fish) 600 calories burned and again, that feeling I've accomplished something. Glowing health and strength.

600 x 6 = is a nice round 3600 -- which is right around that magic 3500 calories number. Eating 3500 calories less (or burning 3500 calories more) over the course of a week translates to about a pound of fat lost. So here goes plan #29 for this year as I try to beat these last ten pounds into submission. And I know this time will be the charm.
1) Discipline
2) Commitment
3) Determination
If I have the will to yield three things as I know I can, I will achieve my goal.


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  1. So we start the GaPS/SCD diet in october. I will weight myself for the first time in a year and see what happens. I will walk once a day and go to yoga class once a week( realistic goals for our work schedule and climate)
    You want me to keep you posted? The diet is for healing and detox, but getting my body into optimum shape is where my life is going. I can feel its the right time to start - ya know?
    Cheers doll,
    And thanks for your blog!