Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 2 - Day 4 of 6 Treadmill

Another 3 miles, another 600 calories burned this morning.

I was on the treadmill that shows laps, I did 12 laps. I was going a little faster than yesterday and feeling good about what I was doing. Boredom could be a danger to this program, but by changing the music I am listening to, how fast I am going and racing myself, seeing how long I can run at 5 miles an hour before I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest keeps me on my toes.

This afternoon at the office I served pie and ice cream to about 50 co-workers. I had asked the group I am part of that hosted the event to bring some apples too -- which they did! I had an apple and skipped all the pie, ice cream. I noticed my serving sizes were smaller than the servings of the other people who were serving. I didn't think badly of anyone that wanted the pie, didn't raise my eyebrows and say "are you sure you want apple and pumpkin, and ice cream, and whip cream..." The point was to offer a "treat" on an otherwise uneventful Tuesday. It was nice that the treat was expanded to include apples, and I did hear a few people comment that they liked that option.

This reminds me of some great party advice I heard on Beyond Diet podcast. When you go to a party, if everyone is walking around with a glass in their hand, grab a cup and get some water. People don't care if you're not drinking alcohol, but there is a lot of pressure to have people participate. "Are you sure I can't offer you something to drink?" Also, if you are going to a party, a sneaky trick Keith Kline has is to make a low calorie healthy dish and bring it. That way when everyone else is loading up their plates, you aren't sitting off in a corner not eating.

Looking forward to tomorrow for Day 5 of 6.

You may wonder why Wednesday is Day 5... well, no matter what day you start your exercise routine you can call that Day 1.

Is today your Day One?

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