Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 2 - Day 6 of 6 Treadmill

Yesterday I did my 600 calories/60 minutes

Today, I walked at 4 miles an hour for an hour, and burned 750 calories.

Then today at lunch I walked over to Emeryville Market with a friend and we split a Medium Mocha Freddo. I did the calorie calculation and the 378 calorie drink, split into two cups minus the 1.5 miles we walked (approx 100 calories per mile on flat incline) -- the treat was less than 40 calories.

I printed the draft of my weight loss book tonight, and am working on layout.
Somewhere around 100 pages the toner ran out, so I have about half of it to work with -- but that is more than enough to edit.

The past two weeks of this walking 6 days a week plan has been wonderful. I am definitely going for Week 3 starting this Saturday. Tomorrow I will take a day off.

At the end of my 750 calories burned walk I did go upstairs and do some rows and lat pull downs. It felt great.


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