Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 3 - Day 1 of 6 Treadmill - 805 calories burned 4 miles

Today I got to 600 calories burned and kept going.
For most of the hour I was walking at 4.0 miles per hour. Once I hit an hour, I was so close to finishing the 4th mile I set that as a short term goal and kept going.

Over the course of an hour a lot of random thoughts can go through your head. I am really enjoying this time first thing in the morning where I am walking and just letting my mind wander.

Last night I had a terrible nightmare. 1st I dreamed a bunch of people who had lost their houses to foreclosure came and took over our house... and then somewhere in trying to navigate that Eric and I realized we'd been away from the children for over two hours, and we raced back to the house to check on them. I woke up with a flood of adrenaline, terrified out of my mind. I was able to relax and fall back asleep quickly. In the past I would have tried to replay the dream to work out a happy ending. This time instead I just repeated gently over and over again to myself. Somehow that word was just what I needed to hear and I fell back into a really restful fearless sleep.

Somewhere on the treadmill at about 40 minutes in I felt a muscle twinge. I slowed down the treadmill a bit and took really deliberate careful steps. I focused on how I felt, knowing that if I needed to stop, I would have to just to protect myself. After a minute I felt fine. Instead of continuing at the slower pace, I accelerated back to 4.0 and finished strong - and pain-free.

It would have been really easy to stay at the slower pace and worry that I was going to get hurt, but instead I focused on how I was feeling in the moment and didn't let the fear get in the driver seat.

I got home and Caitlin was tucked in on the couch watching her favorite cartoon "Horseland". I fed her the cereal and then gave her a peach. She then requested another peach, an apple, and orange, applesauce, and a pickle. I told her to wait and let the food settle a little first. She was really enjoying me sharing food with her, so I need to give her my full attention so she doesn't equate love and attention with food.
Gotta Go!


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